Discover Ekiti Tourism Attractions and Destinations
Here are 70 Amazing, Astonishing and astounding Tourism Attraction You might not have heard off
1. Esa Cave located in Iyin-Ekiti
2. Ugeli Cave Located in Ikere Ekiti
3. Iho Oloko Cave Located In Ikere Ekiti
4. Olosunta Hill Located in Ikere Ekiti
5. Oronle Hill Located in Ikere Ekiti
6. Afao Spring Located in Ikere Ekiti
7. Agba Drum Located in Ikere Ekiti
8. Opa Aje located in Emure Ekiti
9. Rock Formation located in Emure Ekiti
10. Osun Aigbede (a mysterious swamp), Igbara-Odo Ekiti
11. Erin Ayonigba Sacred Fish located in Erijiyan Ekiti
12. Ikogosi Warm Spring located in Ikogosi Ekiti
13. Site of First Plane Crash in Nigeria located within Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort
14. Arinta Water Falls, Ipoleloro Ekiti
15. Kosegbe Stone close to old Palace, Ipoleloro Ekiti
16. Natural cave along Ipoleloro Water Fall, Ipoleloro Ekiti
17. Natural Cave (Abe-okuta) located in Afao Ekiti
18. Efon Alaaye Hills (The Tallest In Ekiti State), Efon Alaye Ekiti
19. Agboro Gorge located in Efon Alaye
20. Akodi Abata located in Efon Alaye
21. Agboro Junction junction located in Efon Alaye
22. River Oni located in Efon Alaye Ekiti
23. River Olua located in Efon Alaye Ekiti
24. River Afeni located in Efon Alaye
25. Owas (Caves of Divination) located in Efon Alaye, Ekiti
26. Esokogbeji located in Efon Alaye
27. Igbo Alaye located in Efon Alaye
28. Apostle Babalola Cenotaph, Efon Alaye
29. Agbomo Hills located in Okemesi Ekiti
30. Agbomo Cave located in Okemesi Ekiti
31. Ekiti Parapo War Museum Okemesi Ekiti
32. Site of Kiriji War Bullet Blacksmith Production Center in Ikoro Ekiti
33. First Building with Corrugated roofing sheet in old ondo/Ekiti/osun states, Chief Ogboni Adeosun’s House in Ikoro Ekiti
34. First Palace with roofing Sheet in Ekiti State, Ikoro Palace, Ikoro Ekiti
35. Sacred Fish with Four eyes located in Omu Ekiti
36. Oke Ewo War Field, Ilupeju Ekiti
37. Egbigbu inland Natural Lake, Ayetoro Ekiti
38. Ewu Lake, located in Ewu Ekiti
39. Lord Lugard’s Colonial Boundary Pillars located in Odo Owa Ekiti
40. Okuta Gbokuta lori, located in Ado Ekiti
41. Oke Maria (Mary Hill) in Ado Ekiti
42. Olota Mountain Ado Ekiti
43. Orunmila Natural Water Pond (located at the edge of Olota Mountain)
44. Olota Cave Ado Ekiti
45. Ajo Hills in Ado Ekiti
46. Age Hill in Ado Ekiti
47. Ayoba Hill (oral history describe as the second wife of Olota Mountain) in Ado Ekiti
48. Uta Epa Hill located in Ado Ekiti
49. Olokemeji Hills located in Ado Ekiti
50. Fajuyi Memorial Park, Ado Ekiti
51. Ewi’s Palace Ado Ekiti
52. Egbe Dam, Egbe Ekiti
53. Ero Dam. Ikun Ekiti
54. Itapaji Dam. Itapaji Ekiti
55. Ureje Dam, Ado Ekiti
56. Water Corporation Treatment Station, Ureje Ado Ekiti
57. Ikun Ekiti Dairy Farm, Ikun Ekiti
58. Christ’s School Quadrangle, Ado Ekiti
59. Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti
60. Ekiti Golf Course, Ado Ekiti
61. Eni Iran Mat Production Center located in Ogotun Ekiti
62. Mat Production Center located in Ipoti Ekiti
63. Ceramics Production Center in Igbaraodo Ekiti
64. Ire Burnt Brick Production Center, Ire Ekiti
65. Ogun Onire Cultural Monument, Ire Ekiti
66. Clay Pottery Production Center, Isan Ekiti
67. Discover Christ’s school the historical school that has produced one of the highest numbers of Professors in virtually all fields of learning and especially the professions in Nigeria. Christ school, was indeed, one of the basis of the epithet that Ekiti is the “fountain of knowledge”.
68. Discover Ijelu Ekiti a city where Esu (a god of mischief in Yoruba land) a powerful man and quite strange being migrated from Ile-life and came to Ekiti in his quest to wrestle with as many traditional monarchs as possible.
He was fond of wrestling with monarchs and defeated them until he was defeated by the Elejelu, monarch of Ijelu-Ekiti long ago.
He defeated a number of monarchs of that time including the Oloye of Oye-Ekiti, Onitaaji of Itaaji-Ekiti and Elekole of Ikole-Ekiti.
Any monarch he wrestled with and defeated died and he moved on to another town in Ekiti land to wrestle with yet another monarch.
He eventually fought with Elejelu of Ijelu who, through the help of some rituals of appeasement to Ifa, He was defeated in a wrestling match by the then Elejelu at the village square and before a crowd of Ijelu community.
As soon as he was floored on the wrestling spot, he vowed to remain in the town not as human but as a deity, and disappeared into our earth at the spot. He reappeared behind the king’s palace and that spot has become his shrine till date.
According to oral history Recanting Esu Ijelu’s words shortly after his defeat and before he joined the ancestors as a deity, the Elejelu of Ijelu said in Yoruba: “Eleju o daa mi. Lati eni lo, Ijelu ni ma ma gbe o. Masi ma ran yin lowo.” Meaning: “Elejelu, you have defeated me. From today, I will remain here and help your people at all times.”
While he (ESU) was saying this, he was shedding blood from one of his eyes and tears from the other of eye. Esu was believed to have decided to settle down permanently in Ijelu-Ekiti after his defeat
69. Discover Igori Rock located in Awo Ekiti. Very spectacular in the topography of the town in the Igori Rock which is just only one and a half kilometres east of the town.
This hill an outcrop of granite, is reminiscent of the beautiful rocky landscape of Idanre. This massive, rock but smooth feature presents a fascinating tourist attraction which ought to be developed by the state government.
The top of the hill is an ideal place to build challets to boost the tourist industry in the state. Standing on this hill one has a panoramic view of a rolling countryside whose distant hills and horizon merge with the blue sky.
70. Discover Omu Ekiti, an ancient kingdom that was envied by the Alafin of Oyo who wanted to lord his supremacy over the Omu kingdom.
Omu kingdom was so big then that we had about sixteen roads leading into the kingdom and each of these roads had its own gate. This was around the year 1416, and the Alaafin then wanted to expand his kingdom and was coming into the interiors of Yorubaland.
He sent messages to the Community that they should open one of thier gates. But the Owajumu then declined and told him that he also was a powerful king and cannot take orders from the Alaafin.
That angered the then Alaafin who waged war against the town, but after warring against the town two times and lost, Alafin changed his tactics and extended a hand of friendship to king of Omu Kingdom, saying that “now that I have found out that you are equally powerful like me, let us rather become friends, “ he said.
In those days One of the ways Alafin seals his friendship was to marry off one’s daughter to the man he wanted as friend. But Alaafin eventually sack Omu kingdom, through some deception by his beautiful daughter
So, the Alaafin sent one of his beautiful daughters to Owajumu then, whose name was Adetutu. She was with the then Owajumu for so many years and gave birth to two pretty children for him. But while she was with him, she was clever enough to extract the secret of the Omu /hunters/warriors from the Owajumu.
And once she got that, she ran away secretly to leak the secret to her father, the then Alaafin and before our Owajumu knew what was happening, the Alaafin was again at Omu with his warriors who already have the winning secret. “
The secret itself was that the Omu warriors’ charms could be rendered impotent with raw eggs. At that time, Omu warriors were so powerful with charms that all they do was to speak incantations and their enemies would drop dead.
They didn’t have guns but only huge sticks. So, once the Alaafin’s warriors invaded Omu, they carried baskets of eggs and threw the eggs at Omu warriors and rendered their charms ineffective. They eventually conquered the town and made it almost desolate.
Once defeated, Omu people sought refuge in many neighbouring towns such as Erinmope, a border town between Ekiti and Kwara, Ikoro where there is Ile-olomu, the head of the house there happened to be the head of the warriors in Omu at that time, when the Alaafin ravaged the great Omu, they headed back to Ife where we all came from, but they had a stop-over at Ikoro where they have since settled.
Omu people also got to Aran-orin in Kwara State, on their way to Ife to seek refuge and there, some of them settled with Aran people and today, their place is identified as Omu-Aran, some settled not far from the present day Omu and they are now Omu-oke and so on.”
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