The history of Deba could be traced to about 1375 AD when the first “Kuji” (Sovereign Chief) was appointed. The history of Deba is divided into: Pre-Mishelku Era, Mishelku Era, Fulani Jihad Era, Colonial Era and Post-Independence Era. The Local Government has existed since before the creation of Gombe state, but later becomes part and a Local Government of Gombe State.


Yamaltu-Deba is a Local Government Area of Gombe Local Governments, Nigeria. The L.G.A lies at about 10°12’42”N to 11°23’11”E with the headquarters situated at the town of Deba (or Deba Habe) to the southeast of the Local Government’s capital Gombe. The L.G.A shares border with Borno Local Governments and Yobe Local Governments. The southern part of Lake Dadin-Kowa lies within the area. Yamaltu-Deba comprises of some major’s towns such as Deba, Zambuk, Difa, Shinga, Hinna, Dadin-Kowa, Nono, Rarab, Kunuwel, Baltango Nono Malan isa, Amtai, Kurjale, Pata, Lano, Wade, Kwadon, Baure, Kanawa, Kuuri, Zamfarawa and Liji with which together the make up the complete L.G.A. Congrats Survey, permanent sectary proudly for the district first classical Emirates palace of Deba.

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